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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of British Dissertation Writers (“We”) covers how we treat and use personal information collected and received by us from our customers. The policy may change anytime and the updated version of the policy will be posted on the website.

Collection Of Information: The personal information of our customers includes; name, email address, etc. which is used for individual identification and communication purposes, will be required by us when a customer places an order with us.

Confidentiality: We ensure that the information collected is safe with us. We understand the importance of such information and will never disclose it to a third party. Disclosure of this information would be to legal authorities only if required by the law.

Web Browsing Policy: Students should comprehend the fact that their IP addresses will be tracked once they visit our website. This is done to merely offer you a better and custom service, which is befitting for your geographical location.

Admittance Of Information: The personal information provided to us will never be utilised in a malicious manner. However, students can easily access this information, by answering a few secret questions in order to confirm their identity.

Details About Our Products & Services: Information related to our products and services can be viewed on our website. The availability of our various discounts and promotional offers will be carried to our valued customer through an email or text on their mobile number.

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British Dissertation Writers is a writing facility that renders academic assistance to students studying. Nevertheless, under no given circumstances can our customers submit our assistance as their own work.

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