Refund Policy

  • It is mandatory for students to accept and agree with all the terms of our services and their implying conditions.
  • 100% refund shall not be claimed for every order.
  • We have all the rights to withhold 50% of the total order amount as service charges, and refunds shall only be administered after the order is proven to be plagiarized or that student has failed the paper.
  • Only when the students present valid proofs, shall refunds be furnished.
  • Refunds shall require a period of 30 days for investigation of present proofs.
  • Refunds shall only be furnished after 30 days of investigation has been conducted.
  • The amount to be refunded will solely be decided by the company only for those students who have acquired our re-write and revision facilities before submitting their work.
  • All orders having a deadline of 48 hours or less shall not be entertained for a refund.
  • All dissertation orders having a deadline of 10 days or less shall not be entertained for a refund.

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