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5 Challenges HR Leaders In Higher Education Are Facing In 2018

By jaime on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 in No Comments

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At every successful higher educational institute, the HR department is considered as a backbone of its efficaciousness. A university’s human resource department plays a significant role in all the organisation’s major processes. Hence, the task of providing employment to competent staff members, recruiting talent and balancing the university’s budget all falls under the policies of HR. As a result of this, the HR department of any university is predisposed to facing several key challenges that can substantially influence the organisation. Some of the challenges still faced by human resource leaders in higher education in 2018 are:

Diversity in hiring:

Despite the increasing awareness and gender equality, universities still fail to hire a staff inclusive of all races and genders. In addition to this, several universities situated in the United Kingdom still discriminate against the LGTBQ community in cases of employing certified professors. As a result, they face an incredible amount of backlash along with probably discrimination lawsuits. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) statistics, the majority of the university senior management staff comprises of Caucasian males. An evidence of this can be brought to light by viewing the senior management team at Oxford University which comprises of the ration of five men and a woman of the Caucasian race.

Recruitment Process:

In 2018, accessing social media is evidently easy. However, social media can serve as a recruitment tool for the Human resource leaders at major universities. As universities today are reaching out globally in search for candidates that offer the best of the best, they require an instrument that holds the ability to be extensive. Despite offering the extensive aspect of searching for the right student, utilisation of social media can also bring about undesirable candidates. As a result, human resource leaders struggle with recruiting students that are the perfect fit for their university. Furthermore, several students that apply to universities utilise the services of dissertation writers UK. However, the HR department, unaware of this, recruits the student, thus denying the opportunity to a more deserving candidate.

Performing their duties in a limited budget:

According to a recent study, the HR department functions in a budget that is almost less than half of the budget allocated to other departments of the university. As a consequence of this, HR leader struggles to deliver a quality outcome and perform their jobs with the highest level of efficiency.

Incorporating the use of technology:

In contrast to the traditional methodologies, the HR department is required to update their skill set to incorporate the use of technological advances within their work. However, for senior members of the team, years of experience along with habit permits this transition to prove itself to be an incredibly complex task.

Setting up an organisational vision:

As the HR department is the backbone of smooth running of all organisational departments, it is crucial for HR managers to update company policies with the updating political trends. On that account, HR managers are required to stay informed about the fluctuating movements which can often be a challenge for senior members.

In consideration of the foregoing, it is vital for the leaders of the HR department to stay informed and update their skills with the continuous changes so they can lead the organisation with efficiency and effectiveness.

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