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7 Must-Know Classroom Technology Trends That Are Changing Education

By jaime on Thursday, December 13th, 2018 in No Comments

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In order to grow as a person, it is crucial to keep up with the fluctuating trends and open yourself up to the possibility of change and growth. With the increasing use of technology, it is essential for educational institutes along with the students to keep themselves updated about the recent gadgets and services that are designed to simplify the chaotic lifestyle that comes with providing and receiving education. Many classroom trends that have emerged in the recent years have proved to be beneficial for many students as well as the instructors. Some of these trends are:

  1. Flipped Learning: Flipped learning a method of assorted education strategy that allows individuals to syndicate the learning process to be situated in the comfort of their own homes via video lectures and online learning. In contrast to the traditional learning methods, flipped learning requires students to perform the task of homework in a class of other students. This interactive studying method eliminates the presence of a physical teacher and allow for the cultivation of new ideas.
  2. Digital Textbooks: With the increasing cost of textbooks, digital textbooks promote an environmentally friendly method of learning. Furthermore, due to the reduction of production costs, digital textbooks prove to comparatively cheaper than hard copy textbooks.
  3. Social Media: Even though social media can prove itself to be a huge distraction for students, it can also serve as a portal for collaborative studying. Many teachers utilise Facebook as a platform for classroom discussions while many online schools such as Khan Academy benefits from the services of YouTube to upload video lectures that can be accessed, free of cost by students living worldwide.
  4. Mobile Devices for Schoolwork: Additionally, more and more students are prone towards utilising mobile devices as a tool for noting down the lectures. As more students possess a swift typing speed, they can write fluently on their phones rather than on paper. Essentially, mobile phones also allow students to record the lecture, thus assisting auditory learners.
  5. Using Different Tools for Different Tasks: Students employ the use of different gadgets such as a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, kindle etc. to perform each task. This process assists them in portability, thus promoting effective studying.
  6. Dissertation writing services: Many students who work part-time benefit from the services of professional writers employed by dissertation writing services. These services offer students 100% original, unique content which is returned to them before their date of submission. Hence, students occasionally take advantage of these services in order to keep their grades up.
  7. Virtual and augmented reality: Virtual reality is although not an actuality at the moment, work is being done upon this field to allow students to learn from home more effectively and economically.

With these trends emerging, students will have a higher degree of pressure when it comes to performing well in their academics. With the assistance of these advances, students can maximise their learning and yield favourable outcomes!

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