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How Reading Contributes To A Student’s Academic Performance

By bdw_admin on Monday, May 7th, 2018 in No Comments

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With the amount of work that students are generally expected to do, often on a continuous, daily basis, falling into the error of doing nothing else except their studies, is a mistake that is common enough, and understandable enough, to make. After all, if you have your dissertation help to complete, then you are not going to have time to go through the latest Dan Brown novel, are you?

What free time they do get, most students tend to spend it watching TV or playing games on their latest gadget. Few individuals, if any, enrolled in academic institutions, bother to give time to reading extra books, or any reading material. That is a huge mistake for a very simple reason; studies have indicated that students who do not read extra material are unable to perform as well in their studies either.

How Reading Can Help

Mark Twain once said that a man who doesn’t spend time reading has almost no advantages over the man who cannot read. The reason behind his saying so is simple: reading helps to open up a student’s mind, allowing them to develop their style of thinking further.  A person who reads is able to gain a greater amount of knowledge and are actually able to develop better cognitive and emotional skills as compared to their peers who do not spend a lot of time reading. There are many other benefits to reading and here are some of them.

  • Students who read perform better in academic work

The more amount of reading a student does, the better learning abilities they develop also. Reading extra means that the student in question is able to develop the habit of learning faster and better also. In order to read an entire book, it is essential to retain the plot line and the story, even as you are reading. That, subconsciously, develops the habit of learning while reading within a student, allowing them to learn better later on also.

  • Reading allows a student to improve emotional skills also

For many students, especially those enrolled in Arts or other creative courses, it is necessary that they learn not just how to retain facts and figures, but that they learn to read the emotional, as well as creative ideas that are presented before them. This is where reading can help a student by allowing them to develop empathy also.

  • Reading also helps a student to develop greater discipline

Anytime that a student sits down to read if they are serious readers they themselves will expect to finish the book before getting up. Reading, even when the book may not turn out to be as interesting as you expected it to be, or even when the demands of everyday life are so much that they find it extremely difficult to make time for reading, means that the student has developed enough discipline to stick to a task. It also shows that they will be able to show discipline in working at academic tasks also. So, keep reading to get a better academic grade also!

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